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Personal Success Workshop

This foundational, interactive workshop introduces the True Colors concepts. Participants will learn to recognize and appreciate their own unique strengths and preferences and the strengths and preferences of individuals with different personality styles.

Participants will also gain an understanding of the value the different personality types bring to teams and organizations, and discover how to build rapport and enhance communications with people from all styles in both their personal and professional lives.

The following sessions are advanced application workshops designed to follow the Personal Success Workshop.

True Communication

Understanding the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach communication is essential to success at work and in your personal life. Participants will learn to determine the communication preferences of the different personality styles, and discover how to use those insights to strengthen communication skills, especially with those they may have had a difficult time with in the past.

Keys to Successful Teambuilding

It can be surprising to find that a team consisting of individuals just like us may not perform well. The best teams actually utilize the unique characteristics of the different personality types. Keys to Successful Teambuilding will provide the information and tools to produce high-performance work teams that celebrate individual contributions, avoid or quickly resolve team stress and conflict, and achieve outstanding results.

Conflict Resolution

Ultimately, conflicts grow out of a lack of respect for other people’s differences. An important key to resolving conflicts is to understand the positive contributions of the other personality styles. This workshop will provide the tools to recognize the natural differences between the colors as strengths and not bones of contention, helping to turn apparent adversaries into allies.

Change Management

Our resistance to change is usually grounded in the personal impact we see it having on us. Beyond that, individuals may resist change because they do not understand the need for it, want to see an implementation plan, or worry about the impact on colleagues. Others may complain that the organization isn’t moving fast enough.

Workshop participants will discover how the different personality styles naturally react to change, and will learn to smooth the transition process by structuring their communications and change management plan to address all concerns.

Teaching and Learning Styles

True Colors has been used successfully in education to foster higher levels of self-esteem, academic achievement, and improved personal relationships in school and in families. This workshop, designed for educators and administrators, will teach how the different personality types respond differently in the classroom. It will also provide concrete approaches to assist educators in their efforts to motivate learning and achievement, gain cooperation, troubleshoot problems, and discipline effectively.

Management Development

The ability to recognize the specific management needs of your organization is of utmost importance. Equally important is identifying and successfully responding to the needs of your staff. Building upon the True Colors concepts, this workshop is an invaluable tool to develop skills in generating cooperation within the organization and creating a positive relationship between management and staff.

Effective Leadership

In any organization, the leadership has an important role of responding to the needs of its members. This response is measured by the ability to successfully identify those needs. The Effective Leadership workshop will enable those in leadership positions to anticipate needs, improve rapport both within the organization and with those being served and to create an atmosphere which is beneficial to the productivity and success of the organization.

Criminal Justice Management

Because most criminal justice agencies are inherently based upon rules, regulations, and enforcement of public policy, the individual personality of the employee working within those agencies may not be considered. This workshop will illustrate how building a successful criminal justice team requires an understanding of what motivates employees individually. It will also provide insights to the behaviors often exhibited by offenders and methods to effectively managing them.

Upcoming Workshops

More public workshops are coming! Check back soon for details.

Have questions about the True Colors model or a previous workshop? Thinking about booking a new workshop? Just drop us a line and we'll get right in touch.